Different rates for different dates

Some flavours sell faster than others so some flavours pass their best before date on the shelf. Some people pick the newer dates and leave the older. For various reasons there may be a variety of dates on the shelf for any product at any time. When crisps miss their dates they are agressively discounted, the more they pass, the deeper the discount.

Check this page to find out the current discounts on what the database thinks is in stock.

  • Brannigans Smoked Ham & Pickle 40g 11%
  • King Salt & Vinegar crisps 37g 66%
  • Mega Monster Munch Flamin' Hot 40g 67%
  • Monster Munch Variety 12 x 22g pack 58%
  • Skips Tingly Prawn Cocktail 17g 16%
  • Smiths Cheese Flavoured Moments 28g 79%
  • Smith's Scampi Fries 27g 20% 25% 44%
  • Space Raiders Pickled Onion 20g 23%
  • Tayto Onion Rings 17g 65%
  • Taytos Pickled Onion Crisps 37.5g 69%
  • Taytos Ready Salted 37.5g 74%
  • Taytos Salt & Vinegar 37.5g 74%
  • Taytos Spring Onion 37.5g 83%
  • Walkers French Fries Ready Salted 21g 23%
  • Walkers Pickled Onion 32.5g 11%
  • Walker's Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli 150g 11%
  • Walkers Squares Cheese & Onion 27.5g 20%

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