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English, Irish & Scottish Cheeses

Coombe Castle

  • Lancashire
Lancashire Cheese
  • PUC Creamy Cinnamon
  • PUC Sticky Toffee
  • PUC Wensleydale Cranberry
  • PUC White Stilton Apricots
  • Cheshire
  • Coast Rugged Cheddar
Dorset Drum
  • Dorset Drum Mature Cheddar
  • Wensleydale
Wensleydale Double Cloycester
  • Double
  • Red Leicester
Coast Rugged Mature Ceddar
  • Coast Rugged Mature Cheddar

Irish Kerrygold

  • Irish Dubliner
Irish Blarney
Irish Dubliner
  • Irish Blarney
  • Ilchester
Irish Reserve Cheddar
Lancashire Cheese
  • Lancashire
  • Applewood
    Smoked Cheddar
Applewood Smoked Cheddar
  • Irish Reserve Cheddar
  • Leicester
  • Red Leicester
Red Leicester
Double Devon Cream
  • Double Devon

Due to gov’t restrictions &
licencing some cheeses may not
be available at all times.

5639 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC

(Dunbar & 41st)





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