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  • Cadbury Cadbury Caramel Nibbles Egg 96g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Creme Egg Egg 235g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Crunchie Egg 190g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Egg 98g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Faces Egg 96g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Egg 515g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Flake Egg 231.8g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Heroes Ctn 290g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Mini Creme Eggs Mini Bag 78g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Mini Eggs Bag 80g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Mini Eggs Egg 232g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Roses Carton 290g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Twirl Egg 241g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Twirl Orange Egg 198g
  • Cadbury Cadbury Wispa Egg 182.5g


  • Galaxy Galaxy Chocolate Caramel Mini Egg Bag 80g
  • Galaxy Galaxy Enchanted Eggs Bag 80g
  • Galaxy Galaxy Enchanted Large Egg 234g
  • Galaxy Galaxy Minstrels Large Egg 262g


  • Maltesers -MaltEaster Mini Bunny Bag 58g
  • Maltesers Maltesers Teasers Large Egg 248g


  • Nestle Nestle Lion Large Egg 250g
  • Nestle Nestle Milkybar Bunny White Chocolate 17g
  • Nestle Nestle Milkybar Mini Egg Pouch 80g
  • Nestle Nestle Quality Street Giant Egg 250g
  • Nestle Nestle Rolo Medium Egg 128g
  • Nestle Nestle KitKat Chunky Large Egg 230g
  • Nestle Nestle Milkybar Small Egg 65g
  • Nestle Nestle Smarties Medium Egg 119g
  • Nestle Nestle Smarties Orange Large Egg 226g

    Maynards Bassetts

  • Maynards Bassetts Maynard Bassetts Jelly Babies Chicks Bags 165g

    Green & Black

  • Green & Black Green & Black's Green & Blacks Medium Dark Egg 165g


  • Mars Celebrations Large Egg 248g
  • Mars Mars Celebrations Centrepiece 385g
  • Mars Mars Large Egg 252g

    Terry's Chocolate Orange

  • Terry's Chocolate Orange Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs 80g

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(Dunbar & 41st)





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